Sunday, August 9, 2015


Scott and I have had another amazing mini-moon. For those who don't know what a mini-moon is, we weren't able to get away for a long amount of time after the wedding because both of our work schedules are so crazy, so we've been taking mini trips over long weekends. It's actually worked out great because we've gotten to see way more places and have greater experiences than we would have otherwise. 
We used Denver as a home base and rented a Jeep while we were there, making day trips and just driving until we saw things we wanted to do. It was incredible. 

Thursday we saw Garden of the Gods and Cave of the Winds.
Friday was Estes Park, the Stanley Hotel, and Rocky Mountain National Park.
Saturday was Idaho Springs and whitewater rafting, followed by delicious BBQ.
And Sunday we started the day off with a massage and a nap. Then we drove to Boulder and ate pizza, enjoying the drive, the scenery, and each other.

Another successful and blessed mini-moon!

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