Friday, June 12, 2015

Celebrate by Unplugging

I'm unplugging for the weekend (mostly).
What a week! We've made it to the five day mark of marriage. It was a little surreal getting married last Sunday and then driving home with all five kids and my mom in the car. But our schedules are crazy and we didn't want to wait to get married until we could both find time off. We'd be waiting a long, long time.
So Scott and I both went back to work Monday, and continued to work all week. We do have a nice honeymoon planned to Italy for the end of the year, and we're really looking forward to that trip.
But we visited our pastor in the middle of the week to deliver him some extra wedding cake (I won't tag him because he says the worst thing that can happen on Facebook is to be tagged by Scott and Liliana because it's nothing but notifications). And he said something that drove home what I already knew in my heart, but needed to hear from someone else. He said, "Make sure you take time to celebrate your marriage. Because it's something worth celebrating."
It's easy to get caught up in schedules and work and children and family and laundry and building a house and running a business... The list of demands will always be there. And it'll always get bigger instead of smaller. But our pastor was right. Getting married is huge. Especially for two people who never thought they'd get married again. And we went right along with our schedules as if it were another day, the only difference being the bands around our fingers. And that does a disservice to each other and the lifelong commitment we've made to each other.
So I'm unplugging for the weekend. We can't get away to take a long trip right now, but we can take the weekend to close out the outside world and celebrate our marriage for a couple of days.
See you Monday!

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